Freelance Python Consultant with experience in Web Scraping, WordPress, Adsense, SEO , Niche Websites

Providing consultancy services to entrepreneurs, startups and businesses in the areas of data mining, business process automation, web development and revenue optimization.


digital marketing

I have extensive experience of web scraping, data mining and internet marketing. I have worked with businesses for lead generation, research and development of marketing and automation tools.

Offering consultancy services in the following:

Web scraping and data mining: I scrap websites, mine data, write spiders and crawlers using Python. Proficient with BeautifulSoup, Scrapy and Selenium. Contact here to discuss web scraping and business process automation scenarios.

Content Writing and Curation: I can produce blog posts, articles and reviews suitable for diversified audience. I can also edit and curate content.

Setting up an online presence be it a blog, business website, Content Management System or a full fledged Portal. My forte is WordPress in which I have built and customized medium to high traffic, enterprise level web sites.

Website Optimization and Promotion through on-and-off page SEO, link building, Search Engine Marketing and promotion through blogs, forums and vertical directories.

Social Media Marketing Building a Social Media Presence and promoting it using the tools like Twitter, Facebook, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, G+ etc.

Lead Generation and Management Generating and managing customer leads and support requests through mailing lists, support tickets and social media comments.

Adsense Optimization I have extensive experience of implementing, monitoring and improvising Adsense for optimum revenue generation. I am working on Adsense based sites since past 8 years and some of my projects have achieved more than 200% growth in revenue after my optimization.

I am well versed with usage of analytics and data mining tools like Google Analytics, SEMRush, SpyFu, LongTailPro etc.

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