Technology Consultant offering solutions in the areas of web development, web scraping, data mining and business process automation, mainly using Python.


Freelance Python Developer in Karachi, Pakistan

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In past decade or so, my various roles required to act as a Team Lead / Product Owner, managing the technical side of the projects, building bridges between the engineering and business side of the things, and writing code alongside. I always try to be hands-on, reading up on emerging tech and how it can improve my work and my contribution to the project at hand.

Having worked with startups, SMEs and corporates in industries including Healthcare, Sports, Engineering and Finance, I offer services in diverse areas of:

Web Application Development I can be a part of the startup journey, building POCs, MVPs and transforming to a live product in production. I can also embed into an existing codebase and provide assistance for feature building, maintenance and optimisation. My preferred tech stack is Python and Django with variety of SQL and No-SQL data stores, deployed to a dedicated or cloud environment.

Niche Website Development: I offer Full Stack Niche Website Development services to develop websites that are monetised via Adsense, Amazon and other ad networks. Niche website development process covers keyword research, niche profitability analysis, site design, content production, social marketing setup, ad network integration and SEO.

Most of these sites run on auto-pilot. Once you have some content into them, you can let them rest and make passive income for you. Sounds too good to be true? Contact me for some real life case studies of niche websites that I have developed.

Web Scraping, Data Mining and Data Transformation: I offer web scraping, data mining and data extraction services for lead generation, business process automation, market research and competitor analysis. I can build custom web scrapers using Python (BeautifulSoup, Requests, Selenium). Data is extracted, filtered and packaged in various formats including CSV, JSON and XML. Read more about my web scraping and data extraction services. To discuss your data extraction and transformation requirements, connect with me here.

Check my Portfolio here. For a free evaluation, please contact here with your requirements.

Testimonials from some amazing clients

Build python application translating excel files with google translate

Kashif did a great python job for us! I appreciated his attitude, quality of work and speed very much! It was a great experience working with him

Pavol Sikula
AskBrian GmbH

Windows Automation using Autoit

Create database of Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes and Aged Care Facilities in Australia

Web Scraping and Data Transformation

Kashif helped us scrape and data-mine a complicated website with real time information. This data was placed into a database in an organized manner so that we can harvest the data anytime. Further, upon changes to the websites HTML, Kashif is quick to tweak the script to continue to get the excellent results.

Jeff Schreibman


I blog about Python, Productivity and Personal goals. Here are the latest entries from the Blog:

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