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With over a decade and half of experience in integrating web technologies with business operations, I offer services in diverse areas of:

Lead Generation and Conversion Optimization: Are you looking for new leads for your business? Do you want to improve conversion rate on your website? I can help you with lead generation and conversion optimization using web scraping, data mining, social media marketing and conversion funnel optimization. Click here to discuss your lead generation and conversion optimization requirements.

Niche Website Development: I offer Full Stack Niche Website Development services to develop websites that are monetized via Adsense, Amazon and other ad networks. Niche website development process covers keyword research, niche profitability analysis, site design, content production, social marketing setup, ad network integration and SEO.

Most of these sites run on auto-pilot. Once you have some content into them, you can let them rest and make passive income for you. Sounds too good to be true? Contact me for some real life case studies of niche websites that I have developed.

Adsense Optimization: I have extensive experience of implementing, monitoring and improvising Adsense for optimum revenue generation. I am working on Adsense based sites since past 14 years and some of my projects have achieved more than 200% growth in revenue after my optimization.

Check my Portfolio here. For a free evaluation, please contact here with your requirements.

Testimonials from some amazing clients

Windows Automation using Autoit

Create database of Retirement Homes, Nursing Homes and Aged Care Facilities in Australia

Web Scraping and Data Transformation

Kashif helped us scrape and data-mine a complicated website with real time information. This data was placed into a database in an organized manner so that we can harvest the data anytime. Further, upon changes to the websites HTML, Kashif is quick to tweak the script to continue to get the excellent results.

Jeff Schreibman


I blog about Python, Productivity and Personal goals. Here are the latest entries from the Blog:

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